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This Is What Newest LEM Will Look Like

Date: 23.02.2017 Category: general news, student activity

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The students of the Science Club of Vehicles and Mobile Robots have completed designing this year's Light Electric Motorcycle. They are right now starting to construct the machine. LEM Falcon will be completed in early May at the latest, while in July it will take part in a competition in Barcelona

The challenge involves constructing an electric motorcycle and then performing as well as possible in so-called static competitions (including a business presentation) and dynamic ones, such as acceleration tests and a race. Every year, the organisers of the competition invent a different challenge for the academic teams. Two years ago, their task was to develop a vehicle tailored for pizza delivery, while last year they had to design a police motorbike.

This time, the challenge is to build a cross motorbike, i.e. one designed to be capable of negotiating routes other that hardened surfaces, often on terrain featuring considerable bumps.

 - Our motorbike, LEM Falcon, will feature the power of 8 kW and a 2.4 kWh battery, which will make it capable of travelling in an open area for about an hour - says the team leader Paweł Stabla. - Unlike our previous machines, we don't make maximum range our priority, as it's the power and speed that count most as far as cross competitions go - he stresses.

The motorcycle will be capable of a maximum speed of 130 km/h and will feature an electronic display showing the motorcyclist not only the speed at which it is travelling but also information about how long its battery will last as well as the battery and controller temperature, thanks to which they will know when to turn the lever more lightly not to switch off the vehicle. There will be a camera in the motorbike body recording the ride and making it possible to replay the video on the display or stream it so that spectators can watch the motorcyclist's performance in a competition.

Smart Moto Challenge will be held between July 4 and 9 in Barcelona with 11 teams from Spain, Russia, Ukraine and Poland (apart from the WUST team also a group of AGH University of Science and Technology).

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