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Our students new projects

Date: 31.01.2017 Category: general news, student activity

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Members of the Science and Technology Society P13 have started ambitious projects this year. They want to build a light buggy type racing car and a motorbike that will take part in the Polish Cup race, Open Moto3 class

skntp13_zdjecie.jpgA group named Moto3 Factory, now 11-strong, was established within the team, comprising students of various courses at Wrocław University of Science and Technology and a student of the University of Economics, who is in charge of marketing operations. Together they are working on construction (from scratch) of a motorbike that is supposed to be used at the Polish Championships Open Moto3.

The design of the vehicle is already complete. The students have calculated all of its parameters, designed the frame, chosen an engine (one from Honda CRF250), and developed an plan for the project execution. The machine will weigh about a hundred kilograms and  feature 35 horsepower. The construction of the motorbike is expected to be supported by sponsors, with the students having already arranged cooperation principles with many businesses.

The group members are planning activities for the nearest months as well as participation in competitions but are also thinking about their work in the long run. They intend to cooperate with their counterparts of the Academy of Fine Arts and together design more versions of the vehicle.

Progress of Moto3 Factory group's work can be followed on Facebook.

At the same time, the P13 society is working on Buggy, a light racing car following the model of Ariel Nomad. The vehicle is planned to weigh about one ton and feature a 250-300 HP engine, a power which the students intend to attain by revamping the unit. Buggy is expected to feature a Saab H type two litre engine. The team members plan engine alterations including turbine replacement, intercooler enlargement and installation of a special exhaust system. In the future, Buggy is expected to take part in Super Rally races on metalled tracks.

The students stress that the team's works are going to take months due to the fact that Buggy is a project where they won't apply ready solutions. This is why they are talking to WUST researchers and taking advantage of their advice. They are also planning to visit a Volkswagen facility to observe the manufacture of cars.

The team is seeking people to join the project. Students welcome to become part of the team are, among others, those who will deal with preparation of Buggy's engine and electric systems. For more information about the project please visit the SKNT P13 website.

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