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Study regulations

The regulations are every student’s mandatory reading. They contain all necessary information related to the course of study (including the organisation of the academic year, subjects, courses and course groups, the curriculum as well as the plan and programme of the studies).  Moreover, the document includes guidelines on course completion assessment, examinations, as well as the thesis and diploma examination. In addition, the regulations contain a list of every student's rights and obligations.

Regulations Governing Higher Education Studies at Wrocław University of Science and Technology »


  1. General provisions
  2. Levels and forms of studies
  3. Diplomas and professional degrees
  4. Organization of academic year
  5. Rights of student at Wroclaw University of Technology
  6. Duties of student at Wroclaw University of Technology
  7. Subjects, courses and groups of courses
  8. ECTS points
  9. Programme of education, program of study and plan of study
  10. Electronic student record book
  11. Enrolment on courses, registration for semester
  12. Studying without registering for semester
  13. Attending courses
  14. Crediting
  15. Examinations
  16. Examination before examination board
  17. Retaking courses
  18. Leave
  19. Striking off, resumption of study
  20. Transfer from/to university, faculty and main field, level and form of study
  21. Studies after confirmation the outcomes of education
  22. Studies in second (next) field of study
  23. Tuition fees for educational services
  24. Diploma dissertation
  25. Completion of programme of education
  26. Diploma examination
  27. Grades for studies, final result for studies
  28. Completion of studies
  29. Pupils attendance at classes
  30. Transitory and final provisions
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